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Noah Foster
Noah Foster

Fedoratum Admin Abuser

Admin abuse is defined as the misuse or overuse of the admin commands and privileges either inside the group or the games. Admin abuse is one of the oldest concepts in Risk and is one of the most common reasons that staff members are demoted. Over time, the perception of admin abuse has changed, and behavior that would have been considered typical and even acceptable in early Risk could now be considered grounds for demotion or even banishment.

Fedoratum Admin Abuser

It can exist in a wide range of situations, such as demoting people without valid reasoning, voiding customs or roleplay without valid reasoning, or using admin commands to the detriment of other players in the server. NuunuuM created a guide on which in-game commands are classed as admin abuse.[1] This guide was later revised by Clasicalistic on 24 October 2021.[2]

As admin abuse can be fairly common among lower staff members and tends to be punished quickly, it is uncommon for an admin abuser to work their way up the ranks with ease. Nevertheless, Risk has seen many examples of admin abuse from the higher ranks. 041b061a72




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