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__EXCLUSIVE__ Download Red Sparrow Book

In honor of the new J.Law movie coming out soon, we read the book Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews and now we're ready to get a discussion going! If you haven't read the book, but still want to see the movie, here are free tickets to a pre-screening on 2/22 (update: tickets are now SOLD OUT). Onto the q's:

Download Red Sparrow Book

In Budapest, Dominika lives with another sparrow named Marta Yelenova, and is supervised by SVR station chief Maxim Volontov. Dominika makes contact with Nash, who quickly determines she is a Russian intelligence operative and attempts to convince her to defect.

After Jason Matthews' book Red Sparrow was published in 2013, 20th Century Fox purchased the film rights, and signed Francis Lawrence to direct.[11] Matthews said the idea of "sparrows" and a "sparrow school" was based on State School 4 in the Soviet Union, though Russian "sexpionage" is now done by women contracted outside of spy agencies.[12][13] The Russian concept of kompromat was also influential.[12] Francis worked on adapting Matthews' book in 2015, and has said that at the time, he had reservations about the timelines of a Cold War story.[14]

Matthews, who said he based his book on his experiences in the CIA,[16] was also hired as technical advisor, to supervise the accuracy of the depiction of espionage.[11] He had the Gorky Park scene rewritten to depict espionage methods more accurately.[13]

Matthews is ex-CIA: He's a former station chief with 33 years in the clandestine service. He says the film "did get it right. They stayed fairly close to the plot of the Red Sparrow book. Generally, the tradecraft is authentic and reflected the old Cold War techniques."

Red Sparrow Summary & Study Guide includes comprehensive information and analysis tohelp you understand the book. This study guide contains the following sections:Plot SummaryChaptersCharactersSymbols and SymbolismSettingsThemes and MotifsStyles This detailed literature summary also contains Quotes and a Free Quiz onRed Sparrow by Jason Matthews.The following version of the novel was used to create this study guide: Jason, Matthews. Red Sparrow. Scribner, June 4, 2013. Kindle.

This book has been adapted to a feature length motion picture, starring Jennifer Lawrence in the role of the Red Sparrow, slated for release in March of 2018. No word yet on what role the recipes play!

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