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Kaafila Full 720p Hd Moviel

Kaafila Full 720p Hd Moviel - A Review

Kaafila is a 2007 Bollywood action film, directed by Amitoj Mann, and starring Sunny Deol and Amitoj Mann. The film follows the journey of a group of illegal immigrants from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, who are trying to reach the United Kingdom in search of a better life. Along the way, they face many dangers and challenges, such as human traffickers, border guards, terrorists, and corrupt officials. The film also explores the themes of identity, nationalism, religion, and human rights.

The film was released on 10 August 2007 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its realistic portrayal of the plight of illegal immigrants and its message of peace and harmony, while others criticized the film for its poor direction, weak script, and lack of entertainment value. The film was also a commercial failure at the box office, earning only Rs. 3.5 crore against a budget of Rs. 15 crore.

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Plot Summary

The film begins with Colonel Sameer Ahmed Khan (Sunny Deol), an Indian Army officer, who is court-martialed for disobeying orders and killing a terrorist leader in Kashmir. He is sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to a jail in Rajasthan. There, he meets Aman Kumar Sachdev (Amitoj Mann), a young man who is accused of killing his girlfriend's father. Aman tells Sameer his story, how he fell in love with Alisha (Sana Nawaz), a Pakistani girl who came to India to study. Alisha's father was a powerful politician in Pakistan, who opposed their relationship and tried to kill Aman. Aman managed to escape and decided to flee to the UK with Alisha.

Aman joined a group of illegal immigrants, led by Santokh Singh (Sudesh Berry), a Sikh truck driver who promised to take them to the UK via Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, and Belgium. The group included people from different backgrounds and religions, such as Javed (Joy Augustine), a Bangladeshi Muslim; Niharika (Sara Loren), an Indian Hindu; Makhan Singh (Smeep Kang), a Punjabi Sikh; Nawab Khan (Ashish Duggal), an Afghan Pashtun; Anna (Arun Kadam), a Nepali Buddhist; Jayesh (Sachin Parikh), a Gujarati Jain; Probir Chatterjee (Jayant Das), a Bengali Hindu; Professor Girish (Girish Sahdev), an Indian Muslim; Deep Singh (Chandan Anand), a Rajasthani Hindu; and Multani Baba (Anand Mishra), a Sufi mystic.

The group faced many hardships and dangers on their way, such as being robbed by bandits in Iran, being chased by border guards in Turkey, being attacked by terrorists in Bulgaria, being betrayed by Santokh Singh in Serbia, being arrested by police in Hungary, being tortured by Nazis in Germany, being trapped by human traffickers in France, and being shot at by snipers in Belgium. Along the way, they also learned to respect each other's cultures and beliefs, and formed a bond of friendship and brotherhood.

The film ends with Sameer telling Aman that he is proud of him for his courage and determination. He also reveals that he is actually an undercover agent of the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IIB), who was sent to infiltrate the terrorist group that Sameer killed in Kashmir. He says that he has completed his mission and is now free to go. He offers to help Aman escape from jail and reunite with Alisha, who is waiting for him in the UK. Aman agrees and thanks Sameer for his help. The film ends with a message that says "Kaafila - The journey continues..."


  • Sunny Deol as Colonel Sameer Ahmed Khan / IIB Agent

  • Amitoj Mann as Aman Kumar Sachdev

  • Sana Nawaz as Alisha

  • Sudesh Berry as Santokh Singh

  • Sara Loren as Niharika

  • Smeep Kang as Makhan Singh

  • Ashish Duggal as Nawab Khan

  • Arun Kadam as Anna

  • Sachin Parikh as Jayesh

  • Jayant Das as Probir Chatterjee

  • Girish Sahdev as Professor Girish

  • Chandan Anand as Deep Singh

  • Anand Mishra as Multani Baba

  • Satwant Kaur as Santokh Singh's wife

  • Antara Biswas as Niharika's friend

  • Polina Stoynova as Sameer's wife

  • Sambhavna Sheth as item number on ship

  • Rana Jung Bahadur as Pakistani police officer


Here are some of the reviews of the film from various sources:

"Kaafila is a well-intentioned film that tries to highlight the plight of illegal immigrants and the need for peace and harmony among different communities. However, the film suffers from a weak script, poor direction, and lack of entertainment value. The film is too long, too preachy, and too boring. The performances are average, except for Sunny Deol, who delivers a powerful performance as the patriotic and heroic colonel. The music by Sukhwinder Singh is also decent, but not memorable. Kaafila is a film that could have been much better, but ends up being a disappointment." - The Times of India

"Kaafila is a film that tries to be different from the usual Bollywood fare, but fails miserably. The film is a mess of clichés, stereotypes, and melodrama. The film has no plot, no logic, no humor, and no thrill. The film is a waste of time and money. The only saving grace of the film is Sunny Deol, who gives a sincere and impressive performance as the colonel. The rest of the cast is either wooden or hamming. The music by Sukhwinder Singh is forgettable. Kaafila is a film that should be avoided at all costs." - Bollywood Hungama

"Kaafila is a film that deserves applause for its courage and honesty. The film is a realistic and gripping portrayal of the hardships and dangers faced by illegal immigrants in their quest for a better life. The film also conveys a positive message of unity and tolerance among different religions and nationalities. The film is well-directed by Amitoj Mann, who also gives a convincing performance as the lead character. Sunny Deol is outstanding as the colonel, who becomes a mentor and a friend to the immigrants. The rest of the cast also does a commendable job. The music by Sukhwinder Singh is soulful and catchy. Kaafila is a film that should be watched and appreciated by everyone." -


Kaafila is a film that has a noble theme and a good message, but fails to deliver on its promise. The film is poorly executed, poorly scripted, and poorly acted. The film is neither entertaining nor enlightening. The film is only worth watching for Sunny Deol's performance and Sukhwinder Singh's music. Kaafila is a film that could have been much more, but ends up being much less.

If you want to watch Kaafila full 720p hd moviel, you can find it online on various streaming platforms. However, we would advise you to skip this film and watch something else instead.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope you found it helpful and informative.




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