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Theodore Ward
Theodore Ward

[S6E18] The Suicide Squad BETTER

Holt and Wuntch then infiltrate a police's party to plant the bug. However, Holt realizes that Wuntch betrayed them and is working with Kelly. An NYPD team then arrests the squad after the Vulture also betrays them, having been promised the position of Captain in another precinct. However, this turns out to be part of the plan, as Wuntch clones Kelly's phone to access all his confidential information, exposing his operation. Holt was unaware of this plan, as he would have otherwise not cooperated. Kelly is fired and Wuntch is temporarily promoted to Commissioner. The squad go to the bar to Terry's farewell party when Holt interrupts the party, saying that Wuntch made some changes in the precinct, which will allow Terry to stay. But Holt is demoted to traffic duty officer due to a conversation he had with Wuntch that he only spent a month as a patrolman before becoming a detective, which is in breach of NYPD rules.

[S6E18] The Suicide Squad

Teddy explains to Sean and Kim that since the state requires two physicians's signatures, she asked Dr. Hunt to consult. Kim was declared mentally fit, she only has 6 months left to live, and Teddy's gone over all of her treatment options. This serves as Kim's second oral request. She has to tell Teddy she wants to die twice with at least 15 days between the two times. Sean thinks she's having second thoughts, but Kim is sure. She takes off her oxygen mask and states she wants to die through physician-assisted suicide. Owen suddenly walks out. Kim asks Teddy how long it takes to die. Sean doesn't feel ready for it just yet, but Teddy tells Kim it takes about 45 minutes.

Cristina walks into Kim's room, having heard from Altman that Kim requested her pain meds be lowered. They make her fuzzy, and she doesn't want to be fuzzy today. Cristina heard Kim's going home to die, but Kim says she's changed her mind. Not about the suicide, she says when she sees how surprised Sean is. She decided she wants to do it in the hospital so that Sean doesn't have to deal with her body afterwards. Kim says they can make it homey in her by getting rid of the machines and bringing some stuff and some wine. She thinks Sean will need the wine, because she noticed he seems scared. She has no idea how he's feeling, but he tells her not to worry about him and claims he's not feeling anything. Kim doesn't think that's the truth, but he just goes off to get the stuff and the wine. Kim tells Cristina it's always the same fights, them refusing to tell you how they're feeling, even when you're dying. Kim thinks they just really don't know how they're feeling. Cristina notices she's short of breath and puts the oxygen mask back on.

Derek finds Owen and tells him Kim's second bronchoscopy confirmed that nothing more can be done. Sloan signed off on the suicide. Owen says he won't let Derek kill him. Derek says the patient is a woman and no one's killing her, she's choosing to die. Derek sees something's wrong and orders Owen to go home.

Teddy is in Kim's room, which has been made homey, and writes her the prescription for the suicide drugs. Teddy can't actually give her the drugs, but she can get the prescription filled at the hospital pharmacy. Owen barges in and asks Kim what if they find a cure. It's a long shot, but he thinks her life is worth gambling on a long shot. Teddy threatens to call security on him, but Sean would like to hear Kim's answer. Kim replies that there's this time where death stops being scary. It's the hope that starts being scary, because it's not true. Even if they found a cure tomorrow, it's too late for her. Hanging on to hope maybe makes him feel better, but it makes her feel alone. She doesn't want to die alone and she's not afraid of this. She wonders why Owen is. So is Teddy.

Kim had terminal cancer. She'd had a second mass removed from her right lung two months prior, but the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes and her liver and she was readmitted to the hospital with pulmonary edema. She decided she wanted to end her life through physician-assisted suicide. Teddy asked Owen to be the second physician signature, but he raised doubts due to his personal beliefs and so she had to have a bronchoscopy run to confirm her status as terminal. After that was performed, she was given the barbiturates and she died in the hospital.

Terry believes the Pontiac Bandit is stealing cars again, but Jake is convinced his friend wouldn't do that. The rest of the squad fight to keep Shaw's a police bar after some firemen stake their claim to it. 041b061a72




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