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Theodore Ward
Theodore Ward

[S5E22] Heavy Competition

Best Quote: "I decided to stay home, eat a bunch of tacos in my basement. Now my basement smells like tacos. You can't air out a basement. And taco air is heavy. It settles at the lowest point." -Darryl

[S5E22] Heavy Competition

Coach D narrows down the search for the new captain to the final two and challenges them to face off in a heated Doll vs. Doll competition to determine who will be named the next captain! But when Coach D lashes out at both captain potentials for not leading their teams, emotions explode and the tears flow!

The Dolls go down like dominos as they prepare for their first stand battle of the season with both boys and girls competing. Coach D and Marquell must make some tough cuts, as not all the new members are ready. But when a betrayal like no other rattles the Dollhouse, emotions run high and the team is faced with their toughest decision yet: to battle or forfeit the competition. 041b061a72




  • Masami Arai
  • Reno Smidt
    Reno Smidt
  • Maruvs Maruvs
    Maruvs Maruvs
  • Anil Hiremath
    Anil Hiremath
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