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Ricardo Cerolini
Ricardo Cerolini

Avicii Stories 2015 320 Kbps 72

Avicii Stories 2015 320 Kbps 72

Avicii, the Swedish DJ and producer who took the world by storm with his hit songs like "Wake Me Up" and "Hey Brother", released his second studio album Stories in October 2015. The album features 14 tracks that showcase Avicii's diverse musical influences and collaborations with various artists, such as Zac Brown, Wyclef Jean, Matisyahu, Chris Martin, and more. The album was well received by critics and fans alike, who praised Avicii's creativity and innovation in blending different genres and styles. The album also reached the top 10 in several countries, including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Sweden.

The album was released in various formats, including CD, digital download, and streaming. One of the formats that attracted attention was the 320 kbps version, which is a high-quality audio format that offers better sound quality than the standard 128 kbps or 192 kbps formats. The 320 kbps version was available for purchase on some online platforms, such as iTunes and Google Play. However, some fans also managed to obtain the 320 kbps version through illegal means, such as torrenting or file sharing. This raised some ethical and legal issues regarding music piracy and intellectual property rights.


Another aspect that intrigued some fans was the number 72 that appeared on the cover art of the album. The cover art features a collage of various images related to Avicii's life and career, such as his logo, his tattoos, his awards, his instruments, and his friends. Among these images, there is a small number 72 in the bottom right corner. Some fans speculated that this number had a special meaning or significance for Avicii, but the DJ never revealed what it meant. Some possible explanations are:

  • The number 72 is the sum of the digits of Avicii's birth year (1989).

  • The number 72 is the number of songs that Avicii had released or produced at the time of the album.

  • The number 72 is a reference to a song by Swedish House Mafia called "Save The World", which features a lyric "We're far from home, it's for the better / What we dream, it's all that matters / We're on our way, united / Turn the crowd up now / We'll never back down / Shoot down a skyline / Watch it on primetime / Turn up the love now / Listen up now / Turn up the love / Who's gonna save the world tonight? / Who's gonna bring you back to life? / We're gonna make it you and I / We're gonna save the world tonight" (the song lasts for 3 minutes and 32 seconds, which is equivalent to 212 seconds, which is divisible by 72).

  • The number 72 is a random number that Avicii chose for no particular reason.

In conclusion, Avicii's Stories is an album that showcases his musical talent and versatility, as well as his personal journey and experiences. The album was released in different formats, including a high-quality 320 kbps version that was sought after by some fans. The album also featured a mysterious number 72 on its cover art that sparked curiosity and speculation among fans. The album is a testament to Avicii's legacy as one of the most influential and successful DJs and producers of his generation.





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