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Theodore Ward
Theodore Ward

One Piece (Dub) Episode 120 !!BETTER!!

Thisepisode (#120) was intended to be the final episode of the series.The show had dropped out of the top 10 (#15 with a 21.9 share) soLucille Ball wanted to end the series.It was filmed without a studioaudience in one day. But CBS president Fred Silverman convinced Ballto return for a sixth season. Rather than scrap the episode or undergo costly re-shooting, theending was slightly reworked to leave a window of possibility for asixth season.

One Piece (Dub) Episode 120

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Now then, this is fun. In a piece at the end of last year about club music beginning to take embryonic shape within the wracked circuitry of the post-noise underground, I touched on the fact that many artists' forays into scuzzy dance music weren't yet fully mining the potential of that crossover space. However, the early part of this year has already been marked by a number of quite significant diversions from either side of the fence into that liminal zone. Many are featured below: Strategy on 100% Silk, Madteo, Laurel Halo as King Felix, Xosar. There and elsewhere, 2012 is beginning to warm up nicely. This edition also features more new 12"s from the Bristol engine room, some lovely, dusty techno from Claro Intelecto and new music from Berlin's techno experimentalist Shed. 041b061a72




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