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Theodore Ward
Theodore Ward

Porn Dudes Creators. |VERIFIED|

Add that to the fact that he consistently provides you with some of the hottest independent gay porn around and you have yourself one of the absolute best OnlyFans gay creators active on the platform right now.

Porn dudes creators.

An undeniable gay porn icon, this dude is equally happy to squirt his load on camera, suck cock on OnlyFans, fuck one of his hot gay friends, or get railed hard in the ass for your personal enjoyment.

Back in the early '90s, Tim Lake got into porn. No, not like how you're "into" porn. He didn't just have a bunch of tabs open; he actually worked in the field. He also happened to befriend two young filmmakers who were new to LA. You know them today as Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the South Park guys. Together, they combined their love of hardcore pornography with their love of comedy and created Orgazmo, a ridiculous, beautiful movie about a Mormon missionary who uses a ray gun that causes people to spontaneously orgasm to fight crime. But Orgazmo wasn't their first project. Before then, Stone and Parker partnered up with Tim to make guerrilla porn all across LA. Yes ...

McHugh was working for a TV documentary show, doing an episode on Tim's porn company, Homegrown. He introduced Tim to Matt and Trey: "He said ... 'I got this friend who has written a script about porn' ... he brought Trey and I together, and we just hit it off ... I brought them to the AVN show, one thing lead to another, and they became my de facto crew to make porn for the next year."

Tim says their goal was "to make the ultimate porn comedy," but we're not talking about Orgazmo yet. They first created Sex For Life Too, which features on-screen cameos from both Matt and Trey. Apparently. It's so obscure that the Amazon page for the soundtrack is the only place we can find any cover art.

Journalists, ever desperate for a story, reached out to Tim about his then-new industry of "homegrown" porn. To the surprise of nobody today, he, Stone, and Parker pretty much immediately started fucking with them:

"We pranked Fox news and a German television thing ... anyone that hit us up for a profile piece was fair game, and we just got crazier and crazier with the stuff we wanted to do. Like when we had the German guys in, we decided we should make the most avant garde porn ... ever ... We created this big orgy, and Matt Stone, completely naked, would walk into the mass of these writhing bodies and he'd start reading really bad poetry, then out of the blue he'd start shouting, 'Dead bird! Dead bird!' then walk back out."

When Fox News stopped by, "they came through the door, and we gave them the best impression possible ... we had some light classical music going on in the background, a guy with a tray of hors d'oeuvres ... just this whole really polite genteel scene. We have a friend who is wheelchair-bound ... they said, 'Why is the guy in the wheelchair there?' We said, 'Well, he doesn't have much time, and there's this adult version of Make-A-Wish, and he really wanted to see a porn' ... At the end of that, they were like, 'We just didn't expect you guys to be so nice.'"

We've written before about the legendary prank Parker and Tim played on a high-end Hollywood party. In fact, reading that piece was why Tim reached out to us -- so don't say internet dick joke writing doesn't pay off. The party was a weird mash-up of conventional celebrities kind of milling about and a bunch of porn people boning on camera.

"That was done through Charlie Wessler ... a producer on a lot of the Farrelly Brothers movies ... he met Carrie Fisher when they were doing Star Wars, I think. He had a condo, and said he wanted a porn shot in the condo, and would it be OK if he brought some people?"

At this point, Matt and Trey were getting a lot of buzz around Hollywood, but nobody had yet officially met them at a big industry gathering. So Tim and Trey switched places. Trey, as Tim, would "direct" the porn and then call for Tim, as Trey, to strip down and wade cock-first into a wave of naked, humping flesh right in front of all the Hollywood A-listers. Trey immediately took to his role as director, shouting, "'People -- PEOPLE! I need more ass licking ... God dammit! CAN'T I GET MORE ASS LICKING!'"

Eventually, it was time for the great switcheroo. "They all thought I was Trey. So when 'Trey' dropped trou to lay some pipe, you could hear this collective gasp. They were all sooooo freaked out, Trey had thrown away this amazing career he was about to have ... by the next day, Buck Henry was at a party telling everyone's what's happening. And Trey's agent is there, going, 'Wait, what? Trey was in a porno?'"

DVDA means "Double Vaginal, Double Anal." It's a porn term referenced in a joke in Orgazmo ... and it's also the name of Parker and Stone's band. You might recall them from the soundtrack of Team America: World Police, the music in the South Park movie, and this:

Clearly, DVDA became an obsession for them. Tim claims to know where it started. During a casting call at World Modeling, a porn talent agency, they met a matronly porn star "just a few teeth short of being able to dominate the gummer niche." She described in "shockingly graphic detail" how hard it was becoming to get work -- unless of course, you were willing to do things like DVDA. No one had heard of DVDA, so she explained it to them as "double vag, double anal" and went on about it like she was giving directions to a couple of tourists from Poughkeepsie. The guys, including the porn vet himself, couldn't even believe it was possible.

"I knew what was happening as far as production being in their place, but I didn't know what kind of scene was going to be shot ... I'd been in porn at that point for a couple years, so I thought I'd seen everything. Turns out I had not. Nothing prepared any of us for that."

The smell is what hit them first. "The first assault on the senses was the stench. The smell of sweaty skidmarking man-ass hung in the air as thick as pea soup fog with a side of smog and poop ... You can't put that many sweaty dudes together in a ball and not end up with something fetid."

Orgazmo was a comedy about the porn industry, and as such, featured a lot of porn stars. Hold onto your monocles here: Porn stars shoot porn films. They even filmed -- and released -- several pornos on the set of Orgazmo, shooting behind the scenes in everything from the bad guy's mansion to the prop truck.

"... We were always playing with the readily available sets, and things we could do behind the scenes. I think we probably shot three or four porn films behind the scenes of Orgazmo, so the people who wanted to experience that world could do so on a very intimate level -- I like to think it increased their awareness and probably made a better movie."

They really like acid: "We dosed at the AVN awards ... these are porn's equivalent of the Oscars ... except saying there is way more cleavage would be an understatement. But they do have similarities, like an endless parade of people you don't know and you don't care about standing up and saying stuff that only is going to be interesting if they piss everyone off saying it. So we are tripping balls (you know, being a Deadhead had its privileges), and Trey and I decide we are about to win every single award. We would take a few steps toward the podium already busting out our speeches to anyone that would listen.

He posts sensual, artsy pictures, sometimes in collaboration with others creators like Carolyn Bavant and Eileen Crowe. He also posts solo teasing videos and sex clips with fellow trans creators. Most of his content is made with other queer people, I keep that in mind. The subscription fee is just eleven dollars and change, but you can also tip.

Luke Hudson is an FTM transgender porn actor with several accolades under his belt. He is the face of Jockpussy, a website that features videos of trans and cis men kissing, fingering, and fucking. He is also the first trans male model to be featured on He is truly a trailblazer in the world of trans men in porn videos, and it is only natural that he takes advantage of a platform like Onlyfans to create content on his own terms.

Eddy is a twenty-six-year-old queer trans adult content creator, whose goal is to show that trans people can be sexually autonomous and comfortable with their bodies and sexualities. He has seen how much trans people are fetishized in porn while having their narratives controlled. Eddy wants to flip the switch by taking his control back and making content on his own terms, thereby challenging some of the narratives about trans people.

Flashback to 1997 in Los Angeles, where Jack helps a sick friend managing a nightclub. Nearby, Wayne Beering and Buck Dolby are best friends renting together. The drug-addicted friends are watching porn movie reels when Wayne asks why there is no porn on the internet. Buck, a former NASA scientist, takes 15 minutes to create a program to allow online credit card transactions to charge people for looking at dirty pictures on their website. They quickly earn thousands of dollars. Needing more porn content they approach Nikita Sokoloff, a Russian mob boss who owns a local strip club; Sokoloff agrees to 25% of their business in return for letting them photograph and film his strippers.

Jack expands the business by dropping their porn site and focusing on the online credit card billing services. They create a billing company called "24/7", becoming the titular Middle Men for other internet-based porn providers. The billing business is making hundreds of millions of dollars within a year. Jack becomes addicted to the money, sex and power of his new L.A. lifestyle, spends little time with his Houston family and starts a relationship with porn star Audrey Dawns.

Haggerty, bitter that Jack cut him out of a multimillion dollar partnership, schemes to take over the company. He easily manipulates the foolish Wayne and Buck to work with Denny Z, providing billing services for Denny's numerous child pornography websites.




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