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Theodore Ward
Theodore Ward

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Of course I understand that subscription model is probably way more profitable than standalone versions, but sadly for non USD or EUR countries, it's really pricey. I'd love to continue work with Storyline, since I'm with it from 2012, but the cost can be killing, especially if my company would like to hire another person to do learning content (we are small business doing e-learnings on-demand, not some big corporation making tons of learnings a year). Upgrading once in 3 year is really attractive and helps to maintain costs. You have done some nice things with 360 (enhanced object positioning and modern player for example), but the first one only makes working more comfortable, and the second one, with some work, can be achieved in storyline3.

buy articulate storyline

Hi Todd! While we are still exploring the possibility of FedRamp certification for Articulate 360, earlier this year we were granted an Authorization to Operate (ATO) at FIPS 199 Low Impact to operate Articulate 360 by the GSA. Our sales team would be happy to discuss that further with you, and you can reach us at

We have had success uploading storyline as a scorm package (if it's not an option for you then talk with your csm about enabling that). The problem is that scorm packages do not copy over when we create a live section from a course master. I hear that developers are working on a solution to that.

The latest version of GSAP, 3.5.1 is included in Storyline and can be used directly. Not the plugins though, but the core version is included. -storyline/gsap-3-5-1-latest-version-is-now-included-in-storyline-360

Indeed Storyline3 doesnot ( yet or maybe never ) supports default GSAP3. Storyline360 does. I work with SL360, so i cannot test with SL3, but i suspect that SL3 supports TweenLite default. You can however indeed add GSAP3 as an external library without any issues and use the newer version. My posts on GSAP on the Elearning Heroes community mostly deal with SL360. But checking older posts when GSAP3 wasnot yet implemented in Storyline you will find solutions on how to add GSAP to Storyline. Either by using a WebObject to add the libraries, or by using the resources in the player... or by manipulating files in your published output or default Articulate folder in Programmes(x64).Here some older posts on GSAP in Storyline. -storyline/storyline360-animation-and-gsap-greensockIf needed i can mock up a Storyline with an approach i guess will work in SL3...Kind regards, 041b061a72




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