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Theodore Ward

Where To Buy Non Diamond Engagement Rings _VERIFIED_

Wearing the engagement ring should not only become a symbol of love between a married couple but also be able to reflect your personal style to make it more unique and one of a kind. From fashion-forward rings to vintage designs to dazzling gemstone colors, the trending non-traditional engagement rings offer an element of distinction to become stunning alternatives to classic diamond engagement rings.

where to buy non diamond engagement rings

Using different gems for engagement rings are more common as times change. People are moving away from the traditions of the past and embracing a new world of individuality with non-traditional engagement rings that are not a diamond.

Physical properties, uniqueness and perfect symbolism are all important for selecting the best diamond alternatives. When it comes to durability or wearability for engagement rings, one of the most important measurements of gemstone durability is the hardness which is measured on a scale known as the Mohs Scale between 1 (softest) and 10 (hardest). The best diamond alternatives should have relatively high hardness towards 10 but we have to make a trade-off among cost, durability and style.

The acceptable range of gem hardness for engagement rings that is intended for everyday wear over a period of years is between 7 to 10. Since diamond is the hardest gemstone with a hardness equal to 10. The acceptable harness range for engagement rings using diamond alternatives should be between 7-9 with some exceptions.

Sapphire engagement rings are trending popular in recent years. Sapphires have a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale of relative hardness that means sapphires are great gemstones for everyday wear for jewelry pieces like engagement rings to last a lifetime.

Emeralds have a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. Although their toughness is considered as generally poor, emerald is actually quite scratch resistant so they are pretty durable for everyday wear and can be used as the gemstone for engagement rings. In comparison with diamonds, emeralds offer green flashes instead of the rainbow sparkle from diamonds. Emerald does not reflect as much as diamond, but many people were amazed by the stunning emerald glowing effect which is formed when the light makes an eye-clean emerald brighten and almost glow.

Emerald symbolizes not only royalty but also wit and foresight. The emerald is a gorgeous green gemstone that was known in Ancient Greeks and it quickly became associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Aphrodite was the first to recognize emerald as a symbol of eternal love. Emerald has long been regarded as a superior jewel, the history and symbolism of emerald make it become one of the best gemstones for engagement rings.

There are many reasons that make tourmaline a great gemstone for engagement rings. One of the unique things about tourmaline is that it fluoresces a range of different colors depending on its crystal growth and the light source. The crystal growth for every piece of tourmaline is different and tourmaline is also a strongly dichroic gemstone, it will show different colors under different light sources or you are viewing the stone from a different angle. All of these factors are making tourmaline more unique and stand out.

Tourmaline colors can satisfy almost any fashion requirement. With only slight brittleness and no cleavage, tourmaline can be a great alternative for diamond engagement rings with more choices of colors to suit your personal style.

Garnet is a relatively strong and durable gemstone with a hardness between 6.5-7.5 that is suitable for engagement rings to hold up well in everyday wear over a period of years. Garnet is commonly known to be red with plenty of eye-catching flash and fire. Garnet gemstone is not only a great alternative to diamond but also an affordable alternative to expensive ruby gemstone for stunning red engagement rings.

Garnet actually has a wide right of colors other than red. Red is considered as the most common garnet color while blue is the rarest. There is a very uncommon type of garnet that can change color to make these stones unique and extremely valuable. If you are looking to add some creative touch to the engagement ring, The garnet engagement ring can be a great alternative for diamond engagement rings.

Nowadays, amethyst engagement rings have become a great alternative for engagement rings. The change in preference is mainly driven by the personalized options associated with amethyst and affordability. Many unique design options are using amethyst as the center stone surrounding with accent stones along with a protective gem setting to help the prized jewelry piece last a lifetime. For example, a bezel-set amethyst center stone with channel-set stones on the sides can be a perfect protective setting for amethyst engagement rings with the right balance between durability and style.

The desirable deep purple color of amethyst represents the purity of spirit. Amethyst rings are believed to have mentally calming effects to enhance clarity of thought. Throughout history, amethyst was regarded as a protective stone. If you are looking for engagement rings with plenty of personalized options within a reasonable budget, amethyst stones are a great choice than their diamond counterparts.

If you want to opt for colors, distinct cuts and styles that better suit your personality and you have a reasonable amount of budget to spend. Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald are our top 3 picks as the gemstone for a non-traditional engagement ring because these gemstones are almost durable enough like diamonds to hold up to daily wear and can be used to make eye-catching non-traditional engagement rings with unlimited design options. Additionally, it could be a subtle symbol or birthstone that holds special significance to you or your loved one.

For couples who really want to shy away from something that was going to cost them a lot of money but still have the beauty that they could carry on for decades to come. Our top 3 picks as the best diamond alternative are tourmaline, topaz and tanzanite because they are durable enough as the gemstones of engagement rings for daily wear and they feature unique colors and a splash of individually. Especially for tanzanite, why not try this rich blue rare gemstone that can only be found in one place on earth?

Many brides & grooms do feel they have to splash out on the traditional sparkler when it comes to popping the question. But the modern custom for diamond rings that cost three months' salary was actually only introduced as a marketing campaign by acclaimed jeweler, De Beers back in the 1930s. And, it stuck!

At 9 on the Mohs scale, sapphires are the third hardest mineral. At about a third of the price, they make the perfect diamond substitute. Not only that, they're considered one of the best stones for engagement rings. While a white sapphire engagement ring won't capture quite the same sparkle like a diamond, if it's well-cut, it can look almost as good, giving more bling for your buck if you're looking for a larger stone.

Aquamarine is a beautiful pale blue semi-precious gemstone that's found its footing as a stylish choice for engagement rings. The beryl stone is quite hardy at 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. As a cousin of the emerald, it can appear particularly dazzling when well-cut.

One thousand times rarer than diamonds, Tanzanite is a fitting stone to give your one in a million. With only an estimated 30-year supply left in the world, this is a particularly precious choice for an engagement ring.

Obviously their campaign strategy worked, because today, diamonds are one of the most sought after gemstones on the market. They are used in engagement rings and wedding rings alike, along with countless other jewelry items.

So if you are looking for non diamond engagement rings, you have come to the right place. Keep reading for some suggestions on the best non-diamond engagement ring options available on the market today.

If budget is a concern, a lab-grown ruby engagement ring can be significantly more affordable than naturally occurring rubies. Considering everything, a ruby is an excellent non-diamond engagement ring option for couples who love the color red.

A one carat emerald costs just 1/4th of what a one carat diamond costs. Emeralds made in the lab are even more budget-friendly, making them an extremely popular choice for non-diamond engagement rings.

When it comes to finding a unique engagement ring for your special someone, consider their style and personality. Do you think they would like a bold gemstone ring or a more minimalist eternity wedding band with lab created diamond simulants? Before you can choose their non diamond engagement ring, take a moment to consider their personal style and choose a ring that complements who they really are as a person.

Simon G is a popular jewelry retailer with lots of great options online for more traditional engagement rings. You can also get 10% off your first order with Simon G jewelry by using this link!

Sarah is a local business owner offering both unique and classic engagement rings. She also offers one-of-a-kind custom rings where you can use either heirloom stones or create something completely new!

The idea that engagement rings = diamond rings is a modern one that grew out of a shrewd marketing ploy by the De Beers company. Despite the aura that surrounds them, diamonds are in truth neither rare nor special. They are expensive simply because the De Beers cartel has succeeded in controlling both supply and demand.

Right or wrong, for many people (possibly even your bride-to-be!) the thought of anything other than the classic diamond engagement ring automatically labels you as cheap. And the struggle is real. You have no idea how you're going to find the perfect diamond ring at the perfect price.

The topic of buying a diamond engagement ring is rife with impassioned opinions on both sides. If you're not sure which side you're on, we're here to help you take an informed stance so you can stand up and be proud of your decision to go diamond, or not. Dammit. 041b061a72




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