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Js Support Ticket Pro Nulled And Void

and it comes down to user psychology. you can offer a customer to go to hell and hell will come to them (bear with me here, its practically a cliche ) or you can be concierge-like and take the trouble to customize the plugin so that the layperson can use it.

js support ticket pro nulled and void

each time someone activates the plugin with a reported license, xaver would send them a different message to let them know what is going on (along with a link to his site). for example, the following message is used for activating a plugin and the link points back to the plugin at the end of the page.

there are a couple of extra steps xaver went for. one is to let the customer know that he/she is going to be billed. the other is to make sure that the license details are stored in a file in case they want to buy again at a later time.

so there you have it. to get wordpress plugins from people you have to provide them with a unique and powerful license identifier. im not sure if wordpress has such a mechanism in place, but its a simple way to keep track of licensing.

for now, the way to ensure you arent opening a can of worms is to always create a license file for all your plugins, themes, and so on. for more information on license files, i blogged about this several months ago. check it out:

over the past couple of years, ive had the opportunity to work with several nulled and void plugins. even though i wouldnt want to use one, i can understand why people have done it. i always try to look at the situation logically and then if the situation seems to warrant, i will enable the license checker script.

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