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Noah Foster
Noah Foster

Apple Logic Pro X 10.4.4

Mac OS X 10.4.4 is an update for Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) that was released by Apple Computer on January 10, 2006. It has the build number 8H14. The update delivers bugfixes and is the first Universal binary version of Mac OS X (not counting special builds of 10.4.3) to be able to run on the new Intel-based Macintosh computers as well as the older PowerPC-based Macs.

Apple Logic Pro X 10.4.4

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Screen 4: Some versions of Logic Pro X will play silly buggers if you try to import Ambisonic audio that was recorded on another DAW. Fortunately there's a workaround!To cut a long story short, several SOS Forum members checked this out and we discovered this was a bug introduced with Logic 10.4. You can import an Ambisonic file into Logic 10.3 and all is sweetness and light, but 10.4? Sorry. It has been reported to Apple as a bug in the current (at the time of writing) version 10.4.4, and who knows? It might be fixed by the time you read this. This is a potentially significant problem because there are portable recorders, like the Zoom F4 and F8, which will produce Ambisonic files, and so would be useful for making recordings on site that you could then import into Logic for mixdown. This would not, on the face of it, be possible while this bug is present. However, I have devised a workaround, which works because Logic will successfully import Ambisonic files it has written itself. So here we go: 041b061a72




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