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Gta San Andreas Save Game Editor Apk

Program for editing savegames of GTA San Andreas. With its help, you can open and edit, save, for example, you can change the amount of money the character options, select clothes and much more. Program is designed for Windows, there are 2 versions: for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.Installation:Unpack the downloaded archive; Open the folder corresponding to the bit depth of your operating system. In that folder, double click on the file "editor" ("editor.jar") to run the program. If the program does not work, check if you have Java. To run the program need Java 6 or higher. To download Java, go to you have installed Java, but the opening of the "editor" ("editor.jar") does not implement the program, maybe you will help Jarfix program (you can download it here:

Gta San Andreas Save Game Editor Apk

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